This page will be developed further to show what residents have achieved together over the years working especially through & in partnership with the RFRA. These are in no particular order

  • Residents networking & information – we have sent out emails to residents keeping them up to date on issues & events for years. We have a Down your Way column in the Chronicle & Echo. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course this website. We have tried to keep residents up to date with issues, allowing people to feel apart of this place through social media & our on-line presence.
  • New play equipment - Working with Northampton Borough Council we firstly expressed an interest in new equipment for our community. We then worked with the then Neighbourhood Coordinator to consult residents in particular children on their favourite design click here to find out more
  • Rectory Farm Ramble - working with Rectory Farm Pocket Park on the consultation process & advertising via our social media, community column in the Chronicle & Echo. The group sucessfully bid for £34,000 of Lottery Funding visit the Rectory Farm Pocket Park to find out more
  • Bulb planting - working with Gill McBride at the Barn Owl & Rectory Farm Pocket Park we had the idea to plant bulbs around Olden Road and did so in autumn 2012. A big thank you to Gill in particular who worked like a trooper planting even more bulbs!!!
  • Litter picks & free skips - always an ongoing issue the RFRA has continually tried to tackle problems working with residents, Neighbourhood Warden Neil Wooding, local Councillors, Rectory Farm Community Church, Northampton Apollo Rotary Club (now closed). We report problems. We have had numerous litter picks. We have organised free skips for use by residents on 2 occasions funded by the local councillor.
  • Community Events - We have organised 3 community Fun Days 2003, 2008 & 2010. It takes up to 9months to organise an event. All have been successful but its important to remember how much time the organisers take to put them together.
  • Heritage Project - working with Northampton Museum we did research on our community’s history and organised a Heritage Day.
  • Traveller encampments - In the past working with local councillors & the authorities we campaigned to get the parking areas on Great Billing Way bunded in order to prevent traveller encampments which in one year occupied them for up to 7 months during that year.