Rectory Farm Residents Association

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RFRA Meeting dates

Our meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month, 7.30pm at Rectory Farm Community Centre. They are open meetings, therefore all welcome!

About RFRA

The association was reformed in October 2001 after an absence of nearly 20 years. In this time the community has expanded considerably. The original association served fewer than 200 homes; the association now serves the whole of Rectory Farm, Berrydale and the new Bridleways development. We have been going for over fifteen years.

Our objectives, as outlined in our constitution, are to serve Residents by tackling issues which affect both individual and community and to promote the benefit of our community and the provision of facilities which benefit and improve the conditions of life for residents. The association has tackled numerous issues over the years and brought a lot to the community, new community groups, environmental improvements, community events, news and information.

We liaise with various authorities and our local Councillor to tackle the issues affecting our community.

Get involved

As volunteers we don’t always have the capacity to do everything but we have tried. We love this place. Whatever you think of the concept of the Civil Society as a group of volunteers we help to make things happen. If you think you might like to get involved email us on the same address below.

Keep up to date with our actvities

Please follow us on social media, look out for ‘Rectory Farm Connect’ on Facebook and Twitter.