About the community

Rectory Farm, Berrydale and the Bridleways are located in the Northampton East area of the town. The area known as Rectory Farm Pocket Park (see separate pages) separates the community from farmland near to the village of Ecton.

There are nearly 1,350 homes on Rectory Farm, Berrydale and the Bridleways.  The community was built on farm land in keeping with most of Northampton East as part of the New Town Development programme in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Building work started on Rectory Farm in the mid 1970’s, most building work finished in the mid 1980’s mainly with the completion of the Berrydale area. The 162 homes on the Bridleways were built more recently and mostly completely around 2010.

The main amenities including the primary school, local supermarket, pub and community centre are located on Olden Road.

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